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How Pets Can Impact Mental Health (with cat and dog videos!)

Part 2: Deeper Into Mental Health Benefits By Caera Gramore Hello readers! Last week I introduced some benefits pets bring for human mental health. This week we go a little bit deeper into these benefits, and the mental health challenges that pets can assist with. Attachment In therapy, Attachment Theory is the study of how…

How Pets Can Impact Mental Health (with cat and dog videos!)

Part 1: An Introduction by Caera Gramore I still remember when I was a young adolescent and it made the news when a scientific study confirmed that pets are good for people. At the time, some scientists had measured signs like blood pressure, breath regulation, and life span to sculpt a scientific argument that pets…

What is Radical Self Love, and Why is it Relevant to Therapy?

By Caera Gramore When searching for the origins of Radical Self Love, many authors point to at least one of two Black queer women (or sometimes both): Audre Lorde and Sonya Renee Taylor. Dr. Audre Lorde was a prolific writer, poet, university professor, and more. She wrote about a wide range of topics, with frequent…

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